The Inspiration of Bach Cello Suite # 2 in D Minor

If there is one piece of classical music that has stirred my soul, taken me on a journey, and has been a favorite of mine for many years in my life, it is the Bach Cello Suite # 2 in D Minor. 

You don’t need to be a fan of classical music to appreciate certain composers or creative works of music. The Cello Suite #1 is very well known and has been used in movies. #2 is in the key of D minor and more solemn, deep, and reflective than the Suite #1 which is more upbeat and like a dance.

For me there is something about the cello, especially the very low notes, that resonates with my mind and soul.  

The Bach Cello Suite # 2 is one of six cello suites for solo cello. This particular one has a powerful, almost haunting melody that includes the full range of notes from high to low which also seem to reflect the full range of human emotions. 

Starting off with a slow three note introduction with the deeper bass strings, it begins to ascend then step back and ascend again. The melody is like a journey, rising and falling like the waves in the sea, and if you listen to it with headphones and can focus on every note it is very moving and engaging. 

The experience is completely different than having it playing as background music.

We are so bombarded with thoughts and content in daily life that trying to focus on these notes in this suite which is only 4 minutes long can be a challenge. 

If you want to have a unique and enjoyable experience that packs a lot within 4 minutes, then listen to this solo cello and feel every note as it vibrates within your mind, body, heart, and soul. 






The Inspiration of Bach Cello Suite # 2 in D Minor