Boring Quotes

I’m a little nervous. Definitely. Especially coming from an album like Biophilia, which was about the universe. This is more of a traditional singer/songwriter thing. When I started writing, I fought against it. I thought it was way too boring and predictable. But most of the time, it just happens; there’s nothing you can do. You have to let it be what it is.

In primetime cable television today, the anchor or anchors, with an “s”, have to drive the hour. The anchor has to be skilled enough to take it over. So if I find that it’s getting boring or I’m not getting information I want, I’ll take it over. I’ll do a soliloquy, I’ll ask an outrageous question, I’ll wave my arms in the air, I’ll lift it myself. It’s like a quarterback that’s back to pass and nobody’s open.