Childhood Quotes

I didn’t have a blueprint from my childhood that I could call on, which is an enormous deficit when you’re trying to put together a family life. I didn’t see a family life where men were thriving inside of it. You know, my dad tended to blame the family for his inability to achieve what he wanted to achieve, you know? So, unfortunately, I was coming from that particular frame of mind.

Music itself isn’t enough to completely wear down my stash of anger. And I don’t have all that much more to be angry about than anyone else. It’s not like I was abused as a kid or anything. I had a pretty comfortable childhood with parents who took good care of me. But resentment exists, and some of it goes into the music. Some of it goes into physical activity.

In my childhood everything you heard, you could imagine what it looked like. Even singers that I would hear on the radio, I couldn’t see what they looked like, so I imagined what they looked like. What they were wearing. What their movements were. Gene Vincent? When I first pictured him, he was a tall, lanky blond-haired guy.