Climate Quotes

I hope climate science becomes the big thing. And then what I want is electrical engineers to solve the world’s energy problems, energy distribution problems. I want mechanical engineers to make better transportation systems. I want chemical engineers to develop better solar panels, and so on.

Millennial voters are very concerned about climate change and will vote for candidates who are planning to address it. But the systems that are in place – people talk about gerrymandering and the money that’s in politics, this is a real thing, a real effect – and it’s hard for climate change-denying legislators to get voted out. But I predict it will happen.

It is a complete embarrassment and literally shameful that the country that first of all invented environmentalism and gave it to the world, and second of all did all the science originally around climate and global warming and presented that to the world, has been the country that has refused to participate in a constructive way to the solution.