College Quotes

I definitely think there’s a lot of pressure for teenaged girls and guys to hook up on prom. I think it comes with the belief that you have to lose your virginity before you go to college. It’s a coming of age thing. I think it’s really sad because it has nothing to do with what you want and everything to do with peer pressure. But it comes with the territory of prom. Thankfully more and more kids are knowing their limits, and I think we’re raising kids to be really good people, and they’re realizing that they don’t need to do it just because.

When my friends who were college age took a year off of school, they’d play in Weatherbox, or between high school and college. People always joined on a short-term basis and I did things one day at a time, I guess. There was never a big plan when someone was joining. They were never joining on a full-time membership basis. Since then, we just deal with it. I’d like to have a band that’s a total constant, but it’s probably not realistic at some point.