Country Quotes

The things that I loved about Bob’s [Dylan] music – and I describe him in the book as the father of my country, which he really is – were things that just didn’t fit when I went to do my job. You know, I’d come out of a somewhat different circumstance and shoes – the clothes just didn’t fit.

The press has let the country down. It’s taken a very amoral stand, in that essential issues are often portrayed as simply one side says this and the other side says that. I think that Fox News and the Republican right have intimidated the press into an incredible self-consciousness about appearing objective and backed them into a corner of sorts where they have ceded some of their responsibility and righteous power.

There’s so many ways in which Canada and America are inextricably connected politically, economically, socially. There’s no stepping away. But at the same time, we don’t have a say. Canada is a different country. Sometimes I think of it as Finland in the Soviet era. We’re totally free, but we’re totally free to agree, basically. If we disagree too heartily or over too sensitive an issue, then we pay a price for that.

Going to places like Honduras, Nicaragua, and various African countries you get to see very clearly what the cause and effect is. We finance the obnoxious elites in those countries and they exploit their people so we don’t have to say that we’re doing the exploiting but nevertheless we are benefiting from it.

Even today, when an Aboriginal mother notices the first stirrings of speech in her child, she lets it handle the “things” of that particular country: leaves, fruit, insects and so forth. “We give our children guns and computer games,” Wendy said. “They gave their children the land.”

Up until 1986, the top marginal rate, the top statutory rate was 50 percent. Now it’s 35 percent. And all the pressure is on to lower that even further. And this just doesn’t make a great deal of sense. When people say, ‘Oh, we can’t raise taxes on the rich. They’ll go on strike, they’ll move to another country.’ But within recent memory, it hasn’t been that long ago that we had rates that were substantially higher. And these people did just fine. I just think that there’s a disconnect between the facts of what taxes do and the sort of mythology of what they do.