Creative Quotes

I kind of joke with myself that you shouldn’t be able to be a creative producer if you weren’t a first AD. Because it is such fantastic training for really understanding what everyone does, and how the movie actually gets made. You have to know if you’re the first you’re kind of the set general, you’re at the director’s right hand, you know everything about how a director puts a movie together, you know everything about how a movie gets made.

It is true that ADs do not get a chance to get a chance to create or produce, almost never, because it’s whole separate thing. Most creative producers you have to come up on the development side, you work with agents, you work with writers, you’re in the office and then the AD’s are on the set. But it’s a real shame because part of – no decision in producing can be made correctly unless you have all the creative information you need but you also have all the budget and scheduling information you need.

My teachers believe that the creative producer’s job is to service the vision of the director, to stay within schedule and budget, and to get the studio what they need, but you work for the director to get their vision on the screen. That’s not how everyone approaches producing, but it is certainly how directors like you to approach producing. How I was brought up is that my job is to help you make the movie you want to make.

80% of all products and services that will be on the market in five years do not exist today. So therefore, always be innovative, always be creative, always think, ‘What new products or services could I create, could I represent, could I joint venture?” Sometimes you can find someone else that has a fabulous product or service that you can use your existing business or resources to sell and you can double your income or sales in your business by selling somebody else’s product to the same customers that are buying yours.