Egypt Quotes

I will continue to work for the advancement of freedoms in Egypt and the Arab world until I drop dead… Education itself – which can and should play an important role in the apprenticeship of tolerance and respect for other people -sometimes encourages identitarian closure, or even extremist behaviour… It is therefore vital to ensure that education does not encourage rejection of other people or identitarian closure, but that on the contrary it encourages knowledge and respect for other cultures, other religions and other ways of being and living.

The way that things happen in Egypt, the government – or the head of the government – don’t get personally involved. They were always goonies and agents and people who do that kind of work for the government either by direct instructions or because they think that they’re doing something good or they want to be on the good side of the government.

The external support can never substitute internal support, the example that we have to look at very well is Egypt and Tunisia ; they have all the support from the West and from the Gulf and from most of the countries of the world. When they don’t have support within their country, they couldn’t continue more than – how many weeks ? – three weeks. So, the only reason we stand here for two years and a half is because we have internal support, public support.