Independent Quotes

Adam and Eve – and especially Eve – are victims of the greatest character assassination the world has ever known. Eve is not secondary. Eve, if anything, is the great initiator in the story. She’s the first independent woman. For me, rediscovering that Eve was the greatest bad**s women of all time was a revelation.

I’ve always loved independent music stores because the staff is usually there because of a genuine love and appreciation for music. They’re more in-tune with the customers and I’m willing to pay the extra dollar or two for the service they provide. Some of my greatest music discoveries have come from picking up an album at an indy store and the cat behind the register saying “You like this man? Have you heard of so-and-so?” I prefer to shop where people understand me and the music- the music i like.

There is this thing called Actors Access, which is run by the breakdown services. What they do is they put up casting notices that are available to everyone. Because there’s thousands and thousands of actors and there are student films and grad student films and, sometimes, some small independent projects that are on there.