Parent Quotes

[People] are trying to – they’re trying to create something that solves a series of very complex problems inside of them or in their history. And I think when I unknowingly – when I went to do that, that’s what I was – I was trying to integrate all of these very difficult things that I’d been unable to integrate in my life and in my life with my parents.

Parents are with their children almost constantly and can observe when they are ready to be instructed. From questions or behavior or because of experiences in their own lives, they can sense that it is time to teach. Parents must know when the time for the lesson is now, right now, for their children are ready for it.

My grandfather and my dad’s brothers and my dad all worked in construction. It’s the whole cultural thing, you know, your parents want you to go to the next level of whatever, and I decided that I ought to be an architect. I can’t tell you why. And I tried, and I had no aptitude for it.

Music itself isn’t enough to completely wear down my stash of anger. And I don’t have all that much more to be angry about than anyone else. It’s not like I was abused as a kid or anything. I had a pretty comfortable childhood with parents who took good care of me. But resentment exists, and some of it goes into the music. Some of it goes into physical activity.