Space Quotes

Here’s the thing that I think about life – if you manage to get into a space where you don’t need that much, where the overhead of your life is not that great and you’re pretty happy and relaxed without that much stuff, you are really liberated because you never have to say yes to something because you want another refrigerator or car!

The human being is that space in which the comprehensive compassion that pervades the universe from the very beginning now begins to surface –within consciousness. (As compared with the natural displays of compassion by other creatures that is not necessarily ‘within consciousness. ‘) That’s the only difference. We didn’t create compassion, but it’s flowing through us-or it could. The phase change that we’re in seems, to me, to depend upon that comprehensive compassion unfurling in the human species.

We can see from the experience of Odin that the image of the tree was the template within which all of the sacred world could be apprehended. The tree was the framework within which one “flew” to these Otherworlds. And since the exploration of sacred space was also a quest into the nature of human consciousness, the tree was regarded as an image of the ways in which we, humans, are constructed psychically. It was a natural model for our deepest wisdom, our highest aspirations.

I actually had some funny dialogue [ in Stardust Memories], a little piece, and we shot all day in this big ballroom. Gordon Willis was the director of photography, and at the end of the day, Gordon turned to Woody Allen and said, “We cannot accomplish all of this in this space. It’s impossible.” And we’d been rehearsing and trying to shoot this thing all day. So Woody said, “Okay, let’s do something else.” He looked at me and said, “Come back tomorrow, I’ll put you in something else.” And he did.