Summer Quotes

There have been so many times where I thought I put on enough sunscreen but actually didn’t. As a result, I’d get unbelievable tan lines. Of course in Florida it was expected, but now looking back at pictures, I think I spent an entire summer at the beach with my friends looking like a tomato. A bright shade of red.

The girl with the long brown hair turned around. “Are you her boy friend?” she asked. Summer glanced from Crystal to Nate and back. Then question made her feel a little awkward. After all, she had saved him a seat. No, I’m her fiance,” Nate said. We’ve been promised to each other since birth.” Summer added. Our wedding isn’t until March.

Our government is committed to helping our young people develop the skills and training they need to succeed. Through our Summer Company program, students can launch a business, become employers, and gain an advantage in the highly competitive global economy – all while still in school.

For a while last summer I was depressed because nothing was happening. It got to the point where people like me were getting films, so I decided to focus on stand-up. It kind of saved my life. I hate to be that dramatic, but I got a girlfriend and refocused my life on being more real and living a regular life rather than pursuing this other false goal of television and movie stardom.