Aaron Korsh

I would love to see any one of those people again [Erik Palladino, Paul Schulze, Ian Reed Kesler, even Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Carly Pope,], and I definitely suspect we will see at least one or more of them again, but other than, obviously, Carly Pope, because we leave off anticipating seeing her again [in Suits], of the other ones, we have to figure out a way to make them come back and we haven’t yet.

I think going back to the early days of the show [Suits], even back to the pilot, we’ve always used movie references. It’s always just been intertwined in the life of the show, and that is born out of my – everything to me reminds me of a movie that I’ve seen, so I’m constantly in my life referencing those things.

I think as of right now, we’re not hiring an individual to be a series regular and be in every episode to replace her. We’re dealing with what we have, and some of it has to do with, as shows get older – I’m learning this as a new to a long lasting series – you start to have maybe some budgetary pressures over time, as people’s salaries go up.