Aaron Lines

There’s a song called ‘The Lights of My Hometown’ that goes back to me growing up a regular kid. I mean, I lived in a town that I loved, but was too small for the dreams I was dreaming. You leave thinking the world has a lot more to offer than your hometown, only to realize years down the road that no matter where you grow up, you will never be able to recreate the innocence and feeling of ‘home’ anywhere else in the world. No matter who you are, or where that little town is, that’s something we all have in common.

When all of our idols are taken away, all our securities and defense mechanisms, we find out who we really are. We’re so little, so poor, so empty and a shock to ourselves. But the Biblical God takes away our shame, and we are eventually able to present ourselves in an honest and humble form. Then we find out who we really are and who God is for us and it is more than enough. That is how an enslaved people became God’s people, Israel.

For me, writing music is a good way to say what’s on my mind. It’s less vulnerable in a way, less embarrassing, less exposing to the idea of seeing someone’s reaction. The thing about it, though, is you need to be ready… especially if you’ve got something you’re burning to say… even if it’s just what some people might think is just a small moment that nobody’d ever bother with or notice.