Aaron Tippin

The fans are the end result of what we do. Sometimes I think we forget that those are the folks that mean it in this game. There’s plenty of evidence to be found that you can have all the #1 records in the world, but if you really ain’t touchin’ them, you don’t come home with gold records and platinum records. I’m very proud that we’ve only had one #1 record, but we’ve sold two and one half million!

To me, my Dad’s the greatest guy – next to Jesus Christ – who ever walked this planet. He’s been that outstanding male role model in my life. And he’s still the same guy I grew up around, very conscious of the image he sets forth. As he would say, ‘Wouldn’t do anything behind your back that I wouldn’t do to your face.’

People are always asking what’s the secret of my success, and the answer is easy – at least for me. You have to have a strong inner drive. If you don’t have a goal or purpose to strive for, I don’t think that you have much of a life. You’ve got to have something to do that you want to apply yourself to – that’s what living is all about.

I think my weight-training proved to me more than anything that I can do anything in life if I really put my mind to it. I saw me bring myself from 137 pounds to 175 pounds over a seven-year period. That alone said to me that all you have to do is really stick with something, and you can accomplish anything you want. It’s brought me great self-esteem because I know I did it. I changed me.