Aasif Mandvi

My father got a job at Bradford University in textiles. And he came for – I guess, you know, why do people immigrate? – like, for a better life to find, you know, a new world. And, you know, I think he always – he saw it as an opportunity. And so yeah so we came to this coal mining town in the north of England and that’s where I grew up.

For my parents it was all about getting a deal, my dad came to America and he heard of this concept of brunch. He didn’t quite know what it was. And he thought it was this other meal that existed between breakfast and lunch. He was kind of like – I remember he sort of was like America has so much food that between breakfast and lunch they have to stop and eat again. They have brunch. It was completely legal it was, like, a legal meal that you could have. I mean, clearly it wasn’t the only reason he came to America, but I think it certainly sweetened the pot for him.