Barbara Broccoli

Every 20 minutes you’ve got to have a bump, you’ve got to have a change in course, you’ve got to unsettle the audience. It can’t be too predictable so something has to happen. I think that was something that Hitchcock did very well too. You couldn’t let an audience feel too settled in.

The thing about the books is that they really talked a lot about what was going on inside of Bond and the inner dialogue. It’s very hard to project that onto a screen because Bond doesn’t talk a lot about how he feels. But, when you have an actor like Daniel Craig, he’s able to convey the inner turmoil and the conflicts. He’s given Bond his humanity.

When you see the documentary, you’ll see that there were parallels. Michael and I both wanted Daniel Craig, and it was the same as it was for Cubby and Harry when they wanted Sean [Connery]. The studio wanted a star and wanted an American, and wanted this and that, but they determined, “No, it’s Sean Connery.”

And they stuck to their guns and fought for Sean Connery, and they were right to fight for Sean Connery. If it wasn’t for Sean Connery, we wouldn’t all be here. I was raised to fight for what I believed in, so I wasn’t going to give up. I wanted Daniel Craig, and Michael wanted Daniel Craig, so we just stuck to our guns. Fortunately, we had the right management who really stuck with us. Thanks to that, we got our choice. He’s been an extraordinary Bond, and he is very much the right Bond for the 21st century.

Most people don’t really understand what it takes to get a film made, and the struggles. I think anyone who makes a film goes through their own set of struggles. People go to extraordinary lengths to get films made. I hope it’s of interest to people. One would think that it would be very easy, with an iconic character like James Bond, to keep making the films, but it hasn’t been. But, it sure has been entertaining and rewarding.

It’s a privilege. It’s a real honor. It’s a challenge. Michael and I always feel we stand on tall shoulders when we make these films. Audiences come to them with a lot of good will because of what’s come before. We just try to make the best film we can, each time, and hope that we satisfy the fans. I’m sure, with Skyfall, that we will. I think it’s a terrific film. I hope the audiences enjoy it, as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.