Barbara Crampton

With certain projects, there are delays, and with others, things come together very quickly. It can be frustrating but it’s not uncommon, and you just have to keep a lot of things juggling and hoping all of these projects will go when all the pieces fall into place. You just have to be ready for whatever catches fire.

Being an older person now, I’m finding that people are calling me to play various things. Variations on the theme of mother, caretaker, and in some cases, doctors, heads of organizations and things like that. For some people, I’m finally old enough to play those roles. We see men playing them when they’re a little bit younger, and also in roles that call for some form of conflict and violence, either generating it or trying to curtail it. Women don’t seem to be a big part of those common and often used movie themes.

When I was a young actress, I was called in just to do my part, and I didn’t have any say or weight as far as any decisions go. But today, having worked as a producer and also having lived a little, I feel like I’ve found my voice more. I’m sure that it has influenced me as an actor and it will continue to do so.

Don’t watch people’s individual performances. Watch the energy that’s being passed between them, and then you’ll see if the scene is really working or if the actors are really doing their job. If they’re playing with the energy that’s between them, they’re not just acting in their own little bubble.