Barry Kerch

The sound of madness is life. It’s waking up in the morning to your alarm clock, your kid crying for you, hearing the sound of the city, it’s everything. Madness isn’t necessarily a negative thing, it can be a positive thing. You know, hearing them cry for you, if you have children, is a great thing, it’s your child.

A lot of people have a hard time living out of a suitcase, being on the road constantly in different cities. For us it’s just kind of what we do. You do get homesick. I miss my wife, I miss my home, I miss my dogs, I miss my kitchen, which is something I like to do outside of this is cook. You miss the simple things. But when you look at the big picture we get to see a crazy amount of cities and the people we get to meet, all over the world it kind of makes up for it. It makes you realize how lucky you are because it could be gone tomorrow you just never know.

Hopefully we can be a band who has a career like U2 or Aerosmith or somebody like that but that’s very far and few between. We’re happy to be where we are at now, so it’s a gift, you gotta just keep pushing forward. For all of us it’s very easy to be out here and do what we do, easy in the sense that it’s a gift but it can be difficult at times.

I don’t play a lot of instruments so when it comes to the song writing process I don’t have a lot to do with that. A lot of times it’s just acoustic guitar and a small riff that produces a song. Ultimately you want to write a song that people are going to enjoy and that you love to play, most importantly you have to write it for yourself first.

We’re a little bit competitive and we want to make sure we’re on the top. We’re all working for the same goal as all these bands, we want to come out on top and I think we have accomplished that in a lot of ways. You want to keep improving yourselves and getting better at what you do.