Beatrice Miller

When I was younger I would always listen to female artists that are my age now and I felt like I couldn’t always connect with them because all these people would constantly sing these party songs and I couldn’t always relate to them. When I was younger it felt very alienating and I try my best to be the person that I would’ve needed, for other people.

I always wanted to have a young female artist that would tell me the truth about life and not only talk about the good things or the things that were exciting or interesting but also talk about the things that people in general are skeptical to talk about- the bad things that do happen. A good 50% of our lives is things that are happening that we’re not necessarily super thrilled about and I feel like that’s missing from pop music a lot of the time so my main goal is to be truthful about everything and not just specific things.

It’s not hard for me to be honest with my fans because that’s what I set out to do from the beginning – I’ve based my entire career off of just trying to do that for them – but I always kind of forget that my real life friends can hear my music and they can watch my interviews if they want and that’s when I get kind of like- “oh…” – I don’t necessarily sit down and talk to my friends about all the things that I write my music about, because it’s easier for me to write music than to sit and talk to my friends about it sometimes- it’s almost like writing in a diary.