There were a lot of days when I thought maybe this isn’t what I should be doing. There’ve been a lot of days where you get to the point where you’re like, “I don’t know if I’ve got the will to even do this.” It’s the type of game that doesn’t let you walk away so that’s what happened, I just kept coming back to it until something really happened for me.

God built the Earth in seven days and seven nights, that’s how I’m going to approach doing the album. So when it’s time for me to actually finish up the album and do final cuts of everything, I’m going to line it up in seven days and seven nights. I’m going to document it, out the footage out, show people it’s not a fluke.

I’m not trying to say I accomplished nothing, I’m just trying to say that at this point in my life, I don’t want to look at what I’ve accomplished and hold it like it’s my trophy. I’ve got so much more to do; I don’t want to put that gold medal around my neck yet. When I accomplish ten times what I’ve accomplished already, I’ll start thinking about that. But a better way to put it is I kind of forget about it. I do it and I forget about it. And I just work.