Ben Daniels

I say that drums and bass should be very prominent, with vocals being the most important thing, and maybe very little guitars. I conclude by calling for no songs over five minutes and saying that I’m sure we’ll fail at anything like what I describe, but hopefully we’ll do that in an interesting way. Plans never work!

I am pretty antisocial and have difficulty communicating with other human beings. I know that if I were in Philly I’d still mostly be hanging out in my apartment reading books and playing with synthesizers. That said, I grew up in Philly, went to college in Philly, lived in Philly afterwards for a while – almost every formative experience in my life has happened in Philly. Whether I like it or not, Philly is all over everything I do for the rest of my life.

I went to see Shine a Light, and it was the most perfect thing I could have done to watch that man do what he does in front of an audience. Its primarily Mick Jagger, but theyre all so confident and relaxed and in love with what they do, and aware of the power of what they do. Its just deeply, deeply attractive.