Ben Domenech

Whether that’s questioning the dominant opinion of the day, the conventional wisdom of the day, or whether it’s questioning the policies that come out of Washington, or out of our government, generally, I think media’s job is to look at it and say, “What’s really going on here? What’s the story behind what you see?”

Essentially, the obligation of conservative media is to question what’s going on, and say, “Is this something that is the right thing to do? Is it something that’s constitutional? Is it something that is even wise to do?” I think that’s true regardless of who’s in power.

I think that [Chris] Christie`s endorsement is, you know, it`s a sign that – you know, he is who we thought he was in so many different respects. He`s someone who ambition is the only thing that I think is bigger than his appetite.I think in this case, it`s a situation where he saw the one guy who he thinks he can maybe get a cabinet post with if he wins in Donald Trump. I think, you know, he kind of went out the door doing a number of favors in beating up Marco Rubio the way he did.

I think what it really means is a recognition that Donald Trump has the potential to take over the Republican Party and change it into something that`s very different than what it`s been in the past. I don`t just mean in terms of tone. I mean in terms of policy, I mean in terms of every respect.

And for those of us who have, you know, looked in sort of the established order of the political fray over the course of the past several years, it looks like chaos. But to the people I think it looks like democracy. And I think that that’s something that really is moving us to a new reality, where the parties are going to have to retrofit themselves and adapt to this new realignment.

I think Donald Trump is a pragmatic sort of populist and who tell people anything in any moment that he wants them to hear, if he thinks that it`s going to be to his advantage, that everything is going to reset in the general election, assuming that he is the nominee, and I think it will be interesting to watch how many people feel betrayed or conned with the game he played with the Republican Party at this point.

I think that there is something that happens, a phenomenon that happens around a conspiracy theory, where if you believe in a conspiracy theory, then every critique of that theory is simply more proof that the conspiracy exists. And I think that that’s something that goes on in the person of Donald Trump.

Conservatives have woken up to the fact they weren`t part of their team and they have a capability of having the kind of message that [Donald] Trump is delivering reach them on a very direct and very personal level so that they sign up. They are willing to go out there and work for him.