Ben Howard

Surfing and music have always been two completely separate things in my life, and a lot of people, especially in the UK, don’t really get surfing very much. They think it’s the Californian dream. They’re like, “Oh, so you’re a surfer and you’re this and that,” and it’s like, I go surfing because I like the outdoors. In England it’s freezing cold, and it’s usually dark and raining and it’s the middle of winter, and you do it because it’s invigorating. It’s like going on a walk in some remote place on the planet. It’s really – it’s not very glamorous.

I like to believe a true fan of music or an artist has a genuine respect for what the artist does and has a distinct understanding of their actions. In that buying an album they are helping the artist to continue making music. It’s hard because everyone wants something to be free.