Ben Lee

If I feel really authentically in my body, then everything seems to click. But, sometimes I can only get into that, if the atmosphere is already conducive to that with the sound and all that stuff. There are moments where, as a performer, you’re on stage and you feel like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be in the universe. It’s a rare and beautiful thing when it happens.

I literally make music for my wife and my friends. I don’t feel beholden to my fans. I don’t even really know who they are. But, I know that this whole thing started with me making stuff that I got off on, and I’ve gotta believe that that’s how it’s going to end, too. That’s the only way it can go. There are a lot of artists who have gotten pretty caught up in that. That’s why I like the defeatist attitude. Just assume that no one is going to like it and that no one cares, and you’ll end up making something that you really like.

I like albums where all the songs are written in one go. If you’re trying to create the number-one album with the best songs ever, I get why you’d want to write for three years and pick the best ones, but for me, I’d rather hear a group of songs that are all expressing a state, or time of your life. I think it’s more that.