Ben Rector

I really value the freedom I have as a Christian that’s an artist but not necessarily a Christian artist. I think it can be hard to express certain things about faith when there are a pretty specific set of expectations around what you need to talk about and how you’re talking about it.

Sometimes things fall in your lap and sometimes you really carve them out. I’ve found that songs I really like can happen both ways. I’ve also been trying to learn when to step away and take a break and when to keep pushing through. For me it’s a delicate balance of staying inspired and staying consistent, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

I would say that I’m happy getting to make a living playing music and seeing people enjoy music that I make. So far, things have grown consistently and quicker than I thought they would, so that could possibly continue. Even if it ended tomorrow, I’d be really grateful that I got to do it.