Ben Watt

I think, when all bands start, when you’re on your first album you have the benefit of hoovering up people who genuinely come across the music and really like it, but also those sort of ‘floating voters’ who just like pop music when they’re young. And I think that when you get to your fourth album, those floating voters have dissipated and you’re left with a core audience, and at that point you’ve really got to get your act together and move on to something else to keep afloat, or you’ll just shrink with your core audience.

I personally feel that there’s a lot of music journalism that is dominated by genre, because you need a language in which to write, but actually the things that strike people about music, are very hard to write about, and its sonic connections, it’s a sense of harmony that I think we all have even if we don’t know how to express it – it’s something musical, it’s synapse connections in our brain.