Benedict Cumberbatch

I’ve never done a lead role in a film this big [like Doctor Strange], in a franchise this big. One of the reasons was, I wanted to know what the toy box was like. And it’s just insane, the amount of facility that everyone gets, but the amount of artistry and craft that’s brought to every aspect of filmmaking. I mean, you go to your first costume fitting and it’s one of thirty. It’s a myriad, but it’s for a reason. There are so many incredible costumes in this.

The guy [Doctor Strange], he’s like most of us, he’s uncorrupted flesh from the beginning of his life, he’s somebody who’s not marked with original sin or any kind of crap like that. He’s somebody who’s come into this world and had experiences that have shaped him to the point that we first meet him. There’s always got to be leverage. I think there is some clear explanation of that within this film, but potentially further down the line…for more of that to come out as well.

[Doctor Strange] is difficult, he’s arrogant, but he’s kind of brilliant and charming and you’d think, “Yeah, I’d want him on my head if I needed brain surgery.” He’s good enough to warrant his arrogance and he respects other people but not when he thinks he’s right and he’ll just do what he deems needs to be done when he knows or feels that he’s right and the problem from humility’s point of view is that he is right, he’s really really good at his job.