Benji Madden

Often people think they know what they want, but what they really want is something that’s genuine. So they’ll be saying, “Do another one like that,” but you liked that one because it’s real. So as long as I keep it real and I do something that’s real to me, you’re going to feel it in the same way.

A lot of bands don’t really like each other. I read an Interpol interview the other day, it was a really good interview because it was showing a different aspect of a band. They don’t really like each other – they work together and they kinda exist together and that’s how they like it. They’re like, “we didn’t get into this band looking for friends.”

When you have a relationship with a label, it can really affect the work you’re doing and if you feel like they don’t believe in you sometimes you go: “maybe I’m not any good at this”. Then you get on a label that is excited to have you and you go: “oh, maybe we are ok at this”. It gives you a little more confidence and you work a little better.