Bennie Maupin

You discover over time that music can be overwhelming. Unless the musicians involved understand this they can lose audiences. Spontaneity and improvisation are salient features but I also strive to make music that is peaceful. I want to make music that aids world peace in the same way that the people who shaped my development did.

…I do like the low frequencies. It’s from years and years of observing audiences when they hear a lower frequency coming from an instrument it tends to pull them in. You have to listen a little more attentively. High frequency instruments hit you so hard, after a while the ear has a tendency to want to shut down. And that’s what happens. I’ve been able to observe very carefully how people tend to get very tired of listening to high frequencies a lot.

Tim Price continues to explore and develop his deeply personal approach to music. Through the years his persistence, determination and passion has enabled him to create a stellar reputation as a multiple woodwind master, composer, producer, author and last but not least educator. Tim is one of the best musicians active today and I’m happy to say he’s my friend.