Benoit Lecomte

The moments that you share with a person do not stop when that person is not in your life anymore. The relationship that I had with my father did not stop when he passed away. An example is me doing the Pacific swim. If I didn’t have the father that I had I wouldn’t be doing this. We had a close connection in life, and I still carry that connection in following my dream. This is because of my parents, the closeness that we had and what we share together.

One of the things that I learned is that you never truly know yourself until you challenge yourself. It is when you are confronted with challenges that you see what you are really made of, what is important to you and what your true aspirations are…sometimes you think that you really know yourself, and then you find out that you really don’t.

My parents put me in the water very early, and also had me skiing at a very early age. They put me on skis when I was one and a half. I was fortunate to have parents who understood the importance of exposing their kids to different sports, different cultures and different activities in order to discover what we liked and what we didn’t like. They didn’t push us, they just gave us many things to choose from.