Bianca Balti

I am 32-years-old, and diversity is working for me. I see a lot of change. You can’t deny the revolution that is happening about body sizes. With social media and everything, everyone can get their voice out more. It puts a lot of pressure on the industry to do, give more spaces to different ethnicities or ages or sizes. I do feel like the change is happening. It might have just started, but I believe it’s not going to end. It’s just the beginning.

Those first memories of my modeling career are not my favorite. At the beginning, it was tough. I was very lucky, my career took off very quickly, but still. All the memories I have about first casting in general – they’re not nice. Just because there’s so many girls, so much competition. I don’t blame those casting directors, they see so many girls and they can’t be nice to everybody. But you don’t feel like a person, you feel like a number.

It’s very different – the European way of working and the American way of working. There are two sides for each of them. In Italy, or France, we take it very slow. For example, we would have a lunch break of an hour or more. Just sitting down at the table, chitchatting. In America, it’s like, “Grab your sandwich, we’re ready to shoot in 10 minutes.” But at the same time, everything works so much better in America. It’s more efficient, so it’s easier to bring the results home faster.