Bill Plympton

I like the idea of seeing a film that has the artist’s hand in there,a film where you can see his strokes, you can see his working patterns. It’s like going to a museum and seeing a Renoir drawing. You want to see their work and you want to see how they put it together. For me to see that in animation is really fresh, it’s really exciting, it’s really original.

The amazing fact that one person can make his own film – I think animation is somewhat unique in that respect. I don’t need to deal with lawyers. I don’t need to deal with corporations. I don’t need to deal with executives or agents or any of that. I can just sit at home and make a feature film. That’s a wonderful experience. Each film I make gets more popular, more press and makes more money. So it’s amazing that I’ve survived and actually prospered doing that sort of homegrown, cottage-industry filmmaking.