Billy West

John Kricfalusi wanted me to quit the job when he got fired in 1992. But the problem there is that I wasn’t his partner. I was a hired gun. And then people badmouth me for 10 years, like a rock in my shoe in that camp. It’s a very small but active group of posters, as I’ve come to find out. But the thing is that I finally got to the point where, “Okay, I get you, I get it you don’t like that I did what I did.” But the thing was, the whole story was cockeyed. They said I put everybody out of work. No, I didn’t. Everybody was going to be out of work if I didn’t continue the Ren & Stimpy show.

Somebody’s real voice is probably the hardest one that somebody could attempt. The characters are all, believe it or not, rooted in a reality of some sort. I’ve met and talked to people, and they’re also fusions of showbiz periphery. But the best thing was, if you did your own voice and you were the star of the show – if it came to blows and they had you on the ropes and you had to leave, then they could just get someone to sound exactly like you.

Space Jam was weird because everybody has their own perception of what Bugs Bunny should sound like. Everybody. Somebody would just stick their head in the door and say, “He sounds too Jewish.” Or, “He’s too tough, he’s off-putting. You gotta seduce kids, not scare them out the door.”

John Kricfalusi is very talented; he used to really piss me off. But I did good work, you know? The Ren & Stimpy show without me was totally unsuccessful. So if there’s anybody listening out there with any doubts about what I can do for a show: Try me. The thing is, I wasn’t about to stop doing a job.