Bob Odenkirk

Not to knock the people who’ve given me the opportunity; I appreciate all the opportunities I’ve gotten, but one of the things I think I really learned from the features I got to direct is that your job as a director is everything about the movie. It’s to pick a story that’s really worth making, and make sure that the basic components are there. You’re not just a part of the team. You’re really in charge, and the responsibility falls on you if all the components aren’t there for a worthwhile film.

Even if people end up doing awful things, you can empathize with their motives when you know them. When you get to know the person, you can understand why they make those choices, even if they’re bad. And oftentimes people do have good drives that are sympathetic and can even be seen as selfless and good-hearted.

When you envy actors, only envy them for their good roles. Keep in mind they have to do a lot of roles to make a living, and not all of them are good. When they’re doing a stupid role in a bad production, it’s kind of a dumb thing to do when you’re an adult. When you’re doing a great role that’s well-written, it’s an enviable job.

With acting, if a friend asked me to be in a movie or TV show, there’s a lot of things on my résumé I did without reading them or knowing what they were. I just said I’d do that because a friend wrote it, directed, produced, acted in it. With directing, I’m sticking to my guns, not that a lot of people are begging me to direct.