Boy George

I’m not someone who can sing anything… And my favorite singers aren’t people whose voice you would say is amazing. I’m a big Bob Dylan fan, a huge David Bowie fan… none of those people have orthodox, cabaret voices. These are people where what they’re singing about is just as important as how they’re singing it.

Tweeting is something you can do wherever you are, on your phone, on the computer, in an airport lounge. It’s easy to do, and I do find it fun to communicate with people. It’s quite nice that we can have almost direct contact with anyone in the world at any time. I don’t know how important it is in terms of one’s career. It seems to be pretty much superfluous in terms of that, but it’s nice to communicate.

My family knew I was gay when I was 15, long before I got famous. But it’s a very different thing coming out to your family and coming out to the universe. That’s a big step. Maybe without me, there wouldn’t be Adam Lambert. Without Bowie, there wouldn’t be me. Without Quentin Crisp, there wouldn’t have been Bowie. So everything is part of a big daisy chain.