Brad Leland

I love the rehearsal, as long as it’s not over-rehearsed. I love it when the actors can rehearse until we feel really comfortable, and then the crew come in and shoot it. I’m not especially a big fan of rehearsing with the crew and the crew rehearsing and, “Let’s rehearse this tracking dolly shot 25 times until it’s just right.” Television has to be shot a certain way to have a certain look. And sometimes the tried-and-true method is the best.

For some reason as a kid growing up in Lubbock, Texas, I always thought I was going to go to UCLA. I think it was because they had such great sports teams, and it was in California, where the actors were. But even though I was talking about being an actor when I was young, I was first going to be a football player. My dream was “I’m going to go to UCLA and be a football player.”