Brandon Routh

Really it’s all about what’s inside the Superman suit. How you feel about yourself when you put that on because it’s very revealing and very imposing if worn with confidence, I suppose. The first time I wore it, I didn’t have that as much. I hadn’t really trained any, yet. I hadn’t read the script, I hadn’t really worked on the character at that point. And I was standing around with a room full of costume designers and everybody was judging me right away and going, “Don’t make your judgment on it, if this is Superman quite yet or not,” because I hadn’t done all the work that I would later do.

To go too much another way, for the sake of my ego in wanting to create something… in the situation of Superman is just wrong. Especially since we’re continuing, in a sense, that story. The characters have to feel somewhat similar. What are you going to do with Superman? The world, and all the people that have created it, created him and have all kind of come together to make this image. Everybody kind of has the same idea of what it should be. So for me to go, “Okay, no, I think he should have a southern accent.” Or something crazy, just doesn’t make any sense.