Brandon Wade

Basically what my mom told me – I was extremely shy, I didn’t have any girlfriends ’til I was 21 – my mom would see me suffering and tell me, “Just focus on your school, study very hard, and some day you will be successful and you can use all the resources that you have to a dating advantage.” Ultimately, I took that advice and turned it into dating sites.

Dating is like trying to catch a fish. Some guys go to the gym and have huge muscles and six-pack abs, and that attracts a lot of women. Other guys, they go and learn how to become pick-up artists so they charm their way into a woman’s heart, at least for the night. Then there are guys like myself, who don’t have either of those, but we have some level of generosity and can treat women with respect and open a door for them or buy them gifts. And surprisingly, buying presents happens to be one of the languages of love! And it’s one that many women relate to.