Brely Evans

I believe that the confidence, really being okay with myself, and really being okay with my gift have grown over the years. It just came with time, and it came with getting my feelings hurt, a few times, and realizing to stop performing for people but if perform for God, who gave you the talent, then you can care less about what any casting directors, producers, or what any of them think. You’re doing it for a higher purpose. If they don’t like it, that’s okay! God does.

What comes from the heart always reaches the heart. When I come in there, I’m giving my heart because I studied to show myself approved, I know my lines, I understand the character. This is my interpretation! So, I encourage everybody to really get comfortable with yourself. Stay true to your authentic self, and stop being worried about people. We are all the same, at the end of the day. No one can make or break your career. You can make or break your career. There’s no competition. Just focus on what you came do.

Every time you are looking for love, and you’re making yourself available for love, it may not come in the package that you had dreamed of. It might come in something completely different. You might’ve thought, “I’m going to be with a tall, dark, and handsome.” or “I’m supposed to be with a model woman who looks like she can walk on the runways.” But, it might be just a little curvy girl from Oakland!

I have so much love to give. That’s why, when I was single, I talked about being married and wanting to have children so much. I have so much love that’s been poured into me, by my family, my friends, strangers! Once I put myself on a national platform to be an actress and singer, so much love gets poured into me that I just exude all of that love! So, really, it’s just a residual effect of what you guys are giving me. I’m overflowing!

I kept saying that I want to be a singer, singer, singer. Someone told me, “Noooo, you move as an actress!” I believe that happens to a lot of people. People have a multiplicity of gifts, but I think people in your life are telling you which one you should focus on. I just got done talking with my group of water walkers about this. If you focus on one of your gifts, that one gift will be the catalyst to open up opportunities for the other gift.

I believe that I’ve grown in my acting career because I’ve become more confident. I’ve become less worried about what people think. When I go into a meeting – ‘audition’, I have a different sense of self when I walk into the room. I’m here to give you my interpretation of your lines. This is my stage; I’m not waiting to be hired by you to be on your stage. We all might die tomorrow, so I’m going to have to live in my gift, today, and give you the best performance in this room, right now, in case this is the last time you get to see me!

My purpose is to show people that you can take what God put inside of you, inside your heart, and you can live by it! Like, literally. Somebody might like to make shoes or make hats. You can literally live by that gift and no go get a nine to five job. I just to keep my purpose in front of everything that I do, and that is just reminding people that it’s possible. That’s what it’s all about for me.