Brett Ratner

When critics or people judge, I think it’s harder to make a commercial, pop movie than it is to make a pretentious art film. It’s harder to reach millions of people and satisfy them and make them happy. These films kind of get ghettoized, this genre because there are so many big, big movies that are such big hits, but aren’t any good. The audiences, they’re not judging the style of the director, or the execution of the film. They’re just looking to be entertained. They want to escape from their reality, and that’s why we make movies, to get people to escape from the realities.

Movies are the biggest export in the world, the biggest American export. It influences people all over the world. Music and movies. That’s what’s exciting about what we do, the fact that it’s so global. It brings people together. People don’t have to understand the language to laugh at actors. They’re going to laugh even though they don’t understand what they’re saying. Cause they’re seeing it.

I want people to see my movies. My talent, my sensibilities are what people want to see in the movies… While I have the talent to make the kind of movies people want to see I want to continue to do that, keep making big pictures and make what I love. I’m really just making the films I want to see. There’s not a strategy.

Whoever writes a bad review, I put their name on a list, and they’re going to get taken care of one day down the road. Otherwise, I don’t let it bother me. The truth is, these are review-proof movies. The audiences are going to see it. My audience, our audience, isn’t reading Esquire magazine to see if my movie is good or not. They just want to laugh, to be entertained, and lose themselves.