Brian Ellis

For the religious, passivism [i.e., objects are obedient to the laws of nature] provides a clear role of God as the author of the laws of nature. If the laws of nature are God’s commands for an essentially passive world …, God also has the power to suspend the laws of nature, and so perform miracles.

Like all planets, I turn in my sleep, I’ve been doing itsince before I was born.My body is a nightmareit hurts me every day.I’ve been taught to resent it by boystrying to forge themselves righteous through conquering.They knew there was something wrong with me,it was explained through handsthat spoke only in exclamation points.

Does the engineer ever predict the acceleration of a given body from a knowledge of its mass and of the forces acting upon it? Of course. Does the chemist ever measure the mass of an atom by measuring its acceleration in a given field of force? Yes. Does the physicist ever determine the strength of a field by measuring the acceleration of a known mass in that field? Certainly. Why then, should any one of these roles be singled out as the role of Newton’s second law of motion? The fact is that it has a variety of roles.