Bruce Feiler

When it comes to gender, marriage, family, work, and religion – we once thought of them as being fixed, but they’re incredibly fluid. The same is true for love. Love was not something that was originally built between two equal partners in a relationship. It’s something that’s been hard-earned over time.

Adam and Eve – and especially Eve – are victims of the greatest character assassination the world has ever known. Eve is not secondary. Eve, if anything, is the great initiator in the story. She’s the first independent woman. For me, rediscovering that Eve was the greatest bad**s women of all time was a revelation.

We’re in a hyper-connected world, and there’s a crisis of connection. The first thing that God says about woman and man in the Bible is that it’s not right for humans to be alone. Social media interaction cannot take the place of face-to-face interaction. If anything, it prevents us from doing that. We’re staring into our screens for so long that we’re forgetting to look at the people directly in front of us.