Team Quotes

I mean, if they’re doing a television show every night like Jon Stewart, or Ellen, or David Letterman, then they have their bunch of people who are sitting on a payroll someplace, who are coming up with material every day of the week. Those are the people who wind up doing the bulk of the work for them when they host the thing, because that’s their team.

My father was a coal hewer from Goldthorpe, a coal-mining village in South Yorkshire. He played for the Yorkshire second team as an opening fast bowler – to me he was a gorgeously heroic man. He helped form a union and closed down the Barnsley seam because it was seeping gas, and saved many, many lives.

I told my team before we walked out on to the field in Tampa, I wanted them to stop and look each other in the eye – I mean really look each other in the eye because 10 minutes after we we’re done beating the New York Giants, I knew that world would change; free agency, the business side of the business. I wanted them to appreciate this doesn’t come very often. It may be the last time you have that opportunity.

My focus is to push the medium to be what it truly can be. Something well beyond 360-video, which is where a lot of the initial money has gone…but, of course, it’s not real VR if you don’t have agency. So what I’ve been looking for for 25 years is that undiscovered country between gameplay and linear narrative and the emotional engagement of a cinematic narrative. And that takes a huge combination of interesting technological enablements, as well as an understanding of how to bring a multidisciplinary team on a process that is upside-down the traditional process.