Tv Shows Quotes

I believe that, not only in chess, but in life in general, people place too much stock in ratings – they pay attention to which TV shows have the highest ratings, how many friends they have on Facebook, and it’s funny. The best shows often have low ratings and it is impossible to have thousands of real friends.

With acting, if a friend asked me to be in a movie or TV show, there’s a lot of things on my résumé I did without reading them or knowing what they were. I just said I’d do that because a friend wrote it, directed, produced, acted in it. With directing, I’m sticking to my guns, not that a lot of people are begging me to direct.

We’re not encouraging idols other than on the TV show, you know and that’s the wrong way to do it. If we had become famous from a contest show we’d be embarrassed in my generation. But if that’s the benchmark then I thought well young people who want to be filmmakers, or musicians, or whatever are screwed. But maybe they’re not because what they’re doing is they’re creating their own thing.

We’re creating a TV show of Scrooge, starring Jamie Farr, with Buddy Hackett as Scrooge. We’re shooting in this Victorian set for weeks, and Hackett is pissed all the time, angry that he’s not the center of attention, and finally we get to the scene where we’ve gotta shoot him at the window, saying, “Go get my boots,” or whatever. The set is stocked with Victorian extras and little children in Oliver kind of outfits, and the director says, “All right, Bud – just give it whatever you want.” And Hackett goes off on a rant. Unbelievably obscene.

You and your scars. Please! You don’t kill youself like this!” I gesture, holding a wrist turned up to the ceiling, then pretending to cut across it with my other hand. “That’s just a cry for help. That’s just attention. Everbody knows that. Cutting across just gets you to the hospital. That’s just from movies and TV shows and stuff like that. You didn’t really try to kill yourself. you just wanted attention, but you screwed up. Try harder next time.