Waiting Quotes

Sometimes I catch myself doing something that I’ve already done. The more I’ve done, the more that’s likely to happen. Then I just throw it away. I wait until I’ve got the right way of getting a thing done, which means my songwriting proceeds at a very slow pace. But it’s the only way I can really work.

Eventually, if you’re the train that’s leaving the station, people will race to catch up with you. I think that’s one of the things I’ve figured out. You can’t wait for permission to act, you just do; then people are like, “Oh, look at that person just doing over there. Maybe I’ll come join them.”

I’ll spend my life training just for the moment I have my chance at you. I’ll wait until you think I’ve forgotten today. I’ll wait until you think it was just a dumb guild rat’s threat. After I’m a master, you’ll jump at shadows for a while. But after you jump a dozen times and I’m not there, you won’t jump just once, and that’s when I’ll be there. I don’t care if you kill me at the same time. I’ll trade my life for yours.