Yoga Quotes

The people at festivals are much more open to dance and just sing along. They come right up to the stage and they’re very thankful. That’s one thing I really appreciate about the yoga culture, that the people are very thankful. They come up to you as much as any fan would, but they express sincere gratitude and I appreciate that.

I had never done any sort of yoga before, and this epiphany was a little more esoteric. I walked into the yoga room and there was a voice from my soul that said out loud, This is it! I just knew. I just knew in that moment – I couldn’t even straighten my legs. I couldn’t sit cross-legged on the floor. I couldn’t put my legs up the wall in the most gentle, restorative yoga pose, and yet, I knew.

I don’t think I can put my finger exactly on when remission occurred, because from that moment on, I left Western medicine and never looked back. I practiced every day for ten to twelve hours a day – spiritual studies, meditation, pranayama, yoga postures, Ayurvedic studies, deep, deep, powerful cleansings and fasting.